The Inquisitor


Note to players:
The things listed here are what you’d be able to observe, assuming you took a ten on your observation check. Being Space Marines, you guys are pretty observant, particularly when it comes to weapons and fighting capacity.

Inquisitorial Rosette
Powered Armor (of some sort)
Ornate Power Sword
Plasma Pistol, surprisingly not of Ryza make

Integra seems to be in good health, movements seem to indicate some training with melee weapons, as well as a familiarity with Space Marines.
Confident and commanding air.
Integra is also usually accompanied by a retinue, but most often with a quiet butler.


You guys don’t know all that much about Integra, most of the personal details being kept classified, but Integra seems to be a rather pretty bishounen. Or androgynous woman. Hard to tell. Long pale hair, glasses… actually, just go look at Integra from Hellsing.

Shut up! I was trying to think of a name. Besides, Integra and her butler are totally badass.
(Yes, I was watching Hellsing Ultimate at the time. So what?)

Anyways, Integra is probably a century or two old and seems established enough in the Inquisition. You’re not really certain—Integra isn’t high profile enough to have much of a paper trail, though you could probably pull up some information if you had the time and/or desire.


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