Tindalos is the nearest Forgeworld. It has several distinct military arms, including the titan legion, The Hounds of Tindalos.


Tindalos seems to have been in sporadic contact with Mars since before the Great Crusade.

Recently, the Taghmata has been busily engaged deflecting a Hive Fleet and other, stranger foes.

(Note to you guys, the Hive Fleet in question is an actual Hive Fleet belonging to a friend of mine. Forces representing my Admech [in various forms] have kicked their lizard-bug asses back out of the Imperium time and time again, so as far as I’m concerned, that Hive Fleet has been neutralized. So what all this means is that any battle I have with forces that represent an NPC faction in this game will have an effect on your universe. So if I win a string of stirring victories, perhaps Tindalos will be able to give you some help. If I start losing, you’re going to have more work. Have fun!
If you think that this is a dick move, let me know.)


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