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My Lords:
It is my humble duty to request aid of you.
In light of the recent action on Ymirheim and unsettling indications from the Emperor’s Tarot, it seems that the there may be a threat to the Utgard Sector, out by the Ghoul Stars. Worse still, contact has been lost with Star’s End. I fear that it is the =REDACTED=.
I understand that your Noble Chapters are busy with the War on Armageddon, the Defense of Cadia, and the ongoing conflict with the Tyranids, but if you could simply spare a few battle brothers each to help rally and manage defenses, I’d be in your debt. I pray that I am overreacting, out by the Ghoul Stars the Emperor’s Light is weak and warp storms are not uncommon, but if I am not, then the consequences are too dire to contemplate.
We rally at the Ordos Xenos Fortress-Monastery over Sanaa Tertus in a month, please send what you can spare.
I intend to establish a temporary command at Iram, before setting out towards the Rub al-Khali, rallying worlds as we go.
The Forgeworld Tindalos is only a few thousand light years away and I have established contact with the Magoi Tindalön. Unfortuately their forces are engaged holding back some strange Xenos terror from the Ghoul Stars, whose war-constructs resemble Tau battle engines infused with the madness of Old Night. Their remaining production goes to reinforce the Valhrafnir and =REDACTED= chapters.
The =REDACTED= are engaged on =REDACTED= and bound by the oath of =REDACTED= to =REDACTED= =REDACTED=. Line Captain =REDACTED= has agreed that should =REDACTED= come about, his forces will attempt to disengage from =REDACTED=. But if it is indeed =REDACTED=, then even the entire Chapter will do us little good.
The Valhrafnir’s Battlebarge is currently on campaign deep into the depths of the Ghoul Stars and thus are indirectly aiding our efforts.
The Magoi Tindalön have agreed to increase quotas from 170% by an additional 5% in support of our efforts, but can go no higher for fear of irreparable damage to their Manufactorae and strain on the supply chains.
In short, we are on our own.
I have managed to secure a Cruiser, 3rd Rate from Segementa Naval Command along with a few escorts, but anything else we’ll have to convert as Q-Ships.
Again, I pray I’m misreading the signs, but it looks more and more like it is =REDACTED= and =REDACTED= is at hand.
Emperor’s will be done.

Excutor Integra, Inquisitor

The Emperor Protects

Danger Beyond the Stars

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