Utgard Sector

The Utgard sector is the region of space where our game is to take place. The light of the astronomicon is weak out here and the Ghoul Stars are near. Though the region is larger even than Ultramar, it’s sparse. Think of it like Space-Siberia. On the western end, there is the Forgeworld of Tindalos and a Marine Chapter Fortress Monastery. There’s also a fleet based chapter in the area, but the area is so vast that due to recent events, the entire east has been left practically undefended.


The Utgard Sector seems to have been colonized during the Dark Age of Technology. Judging by the amount of Archaeotech in the region, particularly in the northern segment near Tindalos,
The Utgard Sector has, in theory, been part of the Imperium since the waning days of Great Crusade. Incredibly remote, it consists of sparse clusters fading into the Rub Ar-Kali. It was brought into compliance primarily by the [REDACTED] Legion, but was largely abandoned when the Heresy rent the Imperium.
Contact and compliance was re-achieved in M32, perhaps by the Carcharodons or the Charnel Guard, but it is uncertain.
Perhaps around this time, the

Things of Note


Star’s End
Tlalax Prime
The Seven Sons (of Melkot)


Utgard Sector

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